The Contact Point’s Christmas calendar takes us to countries near and far


Did you know that on the website you can find information about the healthcare services in over 50 countries? On the country-specific pages you’ll find information about using healthcare services in the destination country, about issues relating especially to the provision of and access to treatment, about payments, and about the health insurance institutions and other authorities relating to healthcare in the respective destination countries. These country descriptions are the most popular content on our website. You can easily print them out and take them with you when going on a trip. The information will also be useful if you’re thinking about going to another country for medical treatment.

The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare is getting into the Christmas spirit already by sharing information on Twitter about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries. Follow our Christmas advent calendar on our account @rajayhteyspiste and hashtags #joulukalenteri #maakuvaukset #hoitopaikanvalinta

Santa’s little helpers at the Contact Point wish you an inspiring Advent and Christmas Season.