also provides information on social and health services


For the renewed online service, information is being collected on public services and service channels throughout Finland. Public services may be produced by government offices, institutes, municipalities or state-owned companies. serves citizens, companies and authorities alike.

Part of, the Finnish Service Catalogue also has information on social and health services. Each organisation produces the descriptions on what kind of services it provides to its social and health service clients. In the Finnish Service Catalogue, users of can find information on the services that they need at a particular moment, all in one place. They can also be guided on how to use the selected services. The website includes the street addresses of service points, the links to sites and electronic forms and the routes to electronic services, such as Kela eServices.

In addition to service information, also includes guiding content. The aim is to provide information on services beginning with the user’s situation in life, such as retirement, getting married or the death of a family member. In the future, can also be used to receive electronic messages from the authorities and to authorise a person to use the services on behalf of another person.