Statistical information on cross-border health care for 2017


The statistical information on cross-border health care collected by the Contact Point for Cross-border Health Care and Kela for 2017 demonstrate that there were both rises and falls in the costs and reimbursements of international health care. The latest statistical information is now available at contact point’s Slideshare channel.

The costs and reimbursements of necessary care provided in EU and EEA countries and Switzerland rose from the previous year. The costs of necessary care paid by customers rose from 3.9 million euros to 4.9 million euros, and correspondingly the reimbursements paid to customers rose from 3.2 million euros to 4 million euros. The costs and reimbursements of medicines bought abroad also rose slightly.

The costs and reimbursements of physiotherapy, doctor’s and dentist’s fees and travel in EU and EEA countries and Switzerland decreased from the previous year. For example, the amount of doctor’s fees paid by customers in 2017 was 548,000 euros, compared to 713,000 euros in 2016. The reimbursements paid for doctor’s fees decreased from 119,000 euros to 85,000 euros.

Estonia, Spain and Germany the most popular countries in 2017

The countries where Finns most often sought treatment in 2017 were Estonia, Spain and Germany. Especially Germany has increased its popularity as a target country for seeking treatment independently. In 2016, the top three countries were Estonia, Spain and Hungary.

Outside the EU and EEA countries and Switzerland, Finns used most health services in 2017 in the United States, Thailand and Turkey. In the United States, the health care costs paid by customers more than doubled from 1.2 million euros (2016) to 2.6 million euros (2017). However, the total amount of reimbursements paid did not reflect this increase in costs.

A total of 106 prior authorisations were issued for treatment in EU and EEA countries and Switzerland in 2017. In recent years, the amount has remained even: 126 authorisations were issued in 2016 and 98 in 2015. Most prior authorisations have been granted for treatment in Estonia and Sweden.

A total of 1,869,780 European Health Insurance Card were issued in 2017. The number of cards issued is growing steadily.