Patient and client safety strategy to harmonise the safety culture in health and social services


The patient safety strategy has been revised into a patient and client safety strategy. Updated by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the strategy will help to develop the Finnish healthcare and social welfare towards a cohesive safety culture. The first Finnish Patient Safety Strategy was prepared for the years 2009–2013.

The new strategy serves healthcare and social welfare organisers and providers, personnel, patients, clients and their family members in the implementation of safe and effective care. Patient and client safety is part of the public service promise.

Promoting patient and client safety and quality is part of the responsibility to organise healthcare and social welfare services.

Securing patient and client safety in practice is part of the responsibility of service providers.

Even though healthcare and social welfare personnel are professional and committed and their activities are regulated, patient safety incidents can only be avoided with comprehensive quality and safety management. Prevention of incidents that cause human suffering also reduces costs.

The patients and clients themselves and their families promote patient and client safety actively. Everyone can influence, make choices and take responsibility for patient and client safety.

As a client of the healthcare service, you have a key role in promoting patient safety in your place of treatment. Be involved in your treatment, express any concerns you have actively and ask about issues relating to your treatment.

Users of health services should bear in mind that Finnish patient insurance does not cover treatment provided abroad. Therefore, you cannot receive compensation from Finland for a treatment injury that has been caused by treatment provided abroad. In case of treatment provided in another country, the legislation on patient safety and injuries in the country in question applies.