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What does it cost to visit a general practitioner in Helsinki, or what about the clinic in the town where you summer cottage is located? How much do the treatment costs differ if you would like to be treated by a private dentist.

The pricing of private health care services can be easily compared at Choosehealthcare.fi by searching for information by medical specialisation and city. The price information at Choosehealthcare.fi has been compiled by combining Kela’s service provider register and reimbursement register. Why is more comparative information on the pricing of health services needed in Finland?

–  There is significant variation in the prices of health care services between service providers. Studies have shown that price competition could yield better results. Chain companies in particular may charge higher prices than independent practitioners. The increase of price consciousness among consumers should also have a favourable effect on tightening competition, says Head of the Information and Communication Unit, Research Professor Hennamari Mikkola of Kela.

–  Generally speaking, the price increase has been faster than the overall development in income level, but there are of course exceptions. For example, the prices of medical imaging examinations have dropped due to there being more competition.

The health care price information published at Hoitopaikanvalinta.fi reveals the average prices of health care services in Finland. The information covers private health care providers that have made a direct compensation agreement with Kela. Private health care providers are clinics or hospitals, receptions with one or more dentists, or physical therapy clinic.

The current price information covers the period 1 January – 30 June 2017. Kela’s health insurance compensation has not been deducted from the median prices presented at Choosehealthcare.fi, and the prices do not include any possible handling fees the service providers may charge.

Price information for private healthcare