Kela forms for emigrants and immigrants available online


Kela has made all forms intended for private clients and partners available on its online service, divided by topic. One of the topics is Moving to or from Finland including, for example, the application form for entitlement to healthcare when moving from Finland. This application is used when you move to an EU/EEA country or Switzerland and request medical care on the same grounds as the residents of that country. Use the application also when you are still resident in Finland but another EU/EEA country or Switzerland covers the medical care costs.

Kela forms are published in PDF format in Finnish, Swedish and English. Some forms are also published in Sami. On the website, you find more detailed instructions on how to fill out the forms. You can now apply for most of the benefits from Kela using Kela’s online e-Services. Applications regarding trips in Finland can be made online. Medical care costs and cross-border healthcare benefits cannot be applied online at the moment.