How to notify about changing your health centre


As a customer of public healthcare, you are entitled to choose the health centre whose services you wish to use. You can make your choice from anywhere in Finland up to once a year. At any one time, you may be a customer of only one health centre.

Should you wish to switch to another health centre, you must notify the current and the new health centre of the matter in writing. You can notify about the switch using the . Please deliver this form to the health centre you would like to switch to or to the registry office of the municipality in which it operates. In addition, please provide a copy of the notice to your current health centre. Please note that a separate form must be filled in for each family member.

When you switch your health centre, you simultaneously choose all primary health care services, which include maternity and child health clinics, dental care, mental health and substance abuse services as well as short-term ward care in the health centre. The change does not apply to student health care, long-term institutional care, or home care.

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