Hello from the Contact Point!


Choosehealthcare.fi celebrated its third birthday last week. To honour the occasion, we decided to create a little presentation of what is behind the site, or the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare in Finland. Who we are, what we do and how we can help.

The Contact Point’s most important task is to provide information. Our main channel is the Choosehealthcare.fi website. We provide information on how you can use health care services in Finland and abroad, in which situations you are entitled to medical treatment and how the costs will be reimbursed. Since there is a huge amount of information (in officialese) about these topics, we aim to highlight the essential things and translate them into a clear and easily accessible format.

However, questions always come up which may not be answered directly on our website – not even in the Frequently asked questions section . In those cases, you can also approach us by e-mail or the feedback form. We are happy to help at the Contact Point and answer questions related to cross-border healthcare on a general level. If we are unable to answer your question, we will direct you to someone who has the information.

In the picture from left to right Sara, Mira, Pia, Marika and Annamari.
In the picture from left to right Sara, Mira, Pia, Marika and Annamari.

You can meet us, the Contact Point people, at various events throughout the year, such as the Nordic Travel Fair and Kuntamarkkinat. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Who are we, then? Currently, our team comprises the Head of the Contact Point, Marika, and three employees: Pia, Annamari and Mira. We also have a university intern, Sara, helping us over the autumn. Our Contact Point team is small but very effective.