Follow preparations for the reform of health and social services at the website


In the reform of health and social services currently under preparation, the whole of public social and health care will be reformed. You can follow the progress of the preparations for the reform at (Health, social services and regional government reform), a site with a comprehensive collection of information and material about the reform. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Ministry of Finance are responsible for the website and for communicating about the reform.

Health, social services and regional government reform is one of the biggest ever administrative and operational overhauls in Finland. The reform impacts the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people and affects the services of every citizen in the country. It also has an effect on the financial resources, steering and taxation of health care and social services. The aim is to transfer the organisation of healthcare and social services and other regional services to provincial governments from the beginning of 2019.

Once it has been implemented, the change will also affect the content of the website. At present, our website explains how to use health services and about the freedom of choice in healthcare in Finland in the current situation, before the implementation of the health and social services reform. We will update the content of the site when the reform comes into force.