Electronic prescriptions now also valid in Estonia


Since the beginning of 2019, Finnish electronic prescriptions have been valid in Estonia. In practice, you can buy medicines in Estonia with an electronic prescription that your doctor wrote in Finland. This means that you do not need a printed “medical prescription for purchasing medication abroad” prescription in Estonia that you need in other EU and EEA countries. However, the printed medical prescriptions for purchasing medication can still be used in Estonia as well. Electronic prescriptions will be adopted by other EU and EEA countries later on.

The patient’s consent is required for opening the data of an electronic prescription for use abroad. Your prescription will work in Estonia once you have activated your permission for the service in the My Kanta service. The permission is valid until further notice, and you can also cancel it in the My Kanta service. You can buy medicines from Estonian pharmacies by showing your passport or ID card. You must be an adult and can only get your personal medicine – you cannot buy medicine on behalf of someone else or with your child’s prescription.

What medicine is the prescription valid for?

The use of electronic prescriptions abroad involves some restrictions. For example, electronic prescriptions written for a specific duration of medicinal treatment are not valid; the prescription must state how many units the prescription is for. Electronic prescriptions also cannot be used to purchase medicines that are classified as narcotics or affect the central nervous system (CNS agents), moisturising creams or dietary supplements. Read the entire list of restrictions on the Kanta.fi website.

Are medicines bought in Estonia eligible for Kela reimbursement?

You can be reimbursed for medicine bought in Estonia if the corresponding medicine in Finland is eligible for reimbursement. Claim reimbursement from Kela afterwards and enclose the receipts for the medicine with your reimbursement application. You cannot get direct reimbursement for medicine like you would in Finland.