Customer panel helps improve the website


In September, the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare organised a customer workshop in cooperation with Frantic. The purpose of the workshop was to collect feedback and thoughts on the website and use it to improve the website to better meet customers’ needs.

The customer panel of persons who had given their contact information at events such as the Travel Fair or Terve-SOS was invited to take part in the workshop. 28 volunteers were present, in which seven of them were chosen for the workshop.

“Hey, there’s a lot of information here!”

The workshop explored the website under various assignments. The panellists pondered situations where they might need the website. They sought information on the website for three different situations:

  • I am going on holiday abroad.
  • I am planning to go on a student exchange abroad.
  • I want to go abroad for treatment.

The customer panel also discussed what information they would like to see more of on the website.

For some of the panellists, this was their first time visiting the website, while some had searched the website for information about treatment available abroad, for example. In general, the panellists thought that the information available on the website is comprehensive, even more so than they had anticipated. Some of the texts on the website were perceived as having excessively bureaucratic and obscure language. The panellists praised the practical thematic pages opening from the main page, which offered things like checklists for holiday trips abroadexample stories of falling ill abroad and a comprehensive list of links to more information all in one place.

Some of the panellists searched for information on a specific country, such as where to find health services in Croatia. It was not easy to find country-specific information on the website, but the search yielded results, producing a list of the health services in over 50 different countries. Country-specific information was considered as extremely important.

From thought to action

The results of the workshop have now been compiled, and further actions will be agreed on over the course of the autumn. The problem of bureaucratese will improve soon, as the sections Health services abroad and Healthcare in Finland have been carefully reviewed, and their improved contents will be released before the end of the year. There are also plans for more thematic pages and stories.

The Contact Point and Frantic warmly thank the workshop participants for their valuable ideas. If you want to give feedback on the website, you can send it through the feedback form available on the website. If you are interested in taking part in the customer panel for developing the activities of the Contact Point and the website, you can learn more on our website.