Country-specific information is helpful, when you are using health care services abroad


The popular country-specific information on the website has been renewed. Information available on our website regarding the use of health care services in EU and EEA countries and Switzerland has now been grouped even more clearly than before.

Country-specific information is particularly helpful, when you suddenly fall ill abroad and are in need of treatment before you return home. You can also utilise the information packages, when you are considering seeking treatment independently in another country.

Country-specific information packages delve into the following themes in particular:

  • Healthcare system of the country
  • Doctors and dentists
  • Medicines and services provided by pharmacies
  • Hospital treatment
  • Quality and safety of treatment
  • Practices related to accessing treatment and payment

The website also includes information on many countries outside Europe (including Russia, the United States, Brazil and China). New countries will become available later this year.

Is a country you are interested in missing from the list? If so, tell the Contact Point.

Country-specific information is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.