Treatment costs when you seek treatment in Finland

Primarily, you are responsible for the costs of your treatment if you come to Finland for treatment from another EU country. You will also be liable to pay the travel costs related to the treatment, along with the expenses of possible overnight accommodation and interpretation or document translation services. You can apply for reimbursement retroactively from your own health insurance institution, which will reimburse the costs according to the local legislation.

The treatment provider may charge you for treatment costs beforehand as an advance payment. The amount of this payment may not exceed the estimated treatment costs.

You can contact the treatment provider to inquire about the prices of treatment.

If you have prior authorisation, you can receive treatment with the client fee

If you have been granted a prior authorisation (form S2) for treatment to be provided in Finland, you are only required to pay the same client fee as Finnish residents. Prior authorisation constitutes a payment commitment through which the body granting the permit undertakes to cover the treatment costs.

Prior authorisation is always applied for from the country of residence. Deliver the prior authorisation directly to the treatment provider.

The prior authorisation is usually only applicable in Finnish public health care. However, if you have received treatment covered by the prior authorisation through Finnish private health care, you can contact Kela to apply for reimbursement for treatment and medicine expenses as well as travel costs in Finland. The reimbursement must be applied for on form SV 127 within six months of incurring the costs. The costs are reimbursed on the same grounds as for Finnish residents.