Travel relating to treatment provided in Finland

Kela will usually reimburse travel costs related to treatment to the nearest hospital or health centre where the treatment that you require could have been provided.

Kela will reimburse travel costs related to treatment if you live in Finland. Moreover, Kela will reimburse travel costs to customers living abroad who are covered by health insurance in Finland or whose healthcare costs Finland is responsible for. Reimbursements for travel costs will also be paid to customers who are entitled to treatment in Finland on the basis of EU legislation or an international convention. For example, if you have received treatment within Finnish public healthcare with a European Health Insurance Card, Kela will reimburse your treatment-related travel costs in Finland.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to the nearest hospital or health centre

Kela will reimburse your travel costs to the nearest place of treatment within public or private healthcare.

If you have utilised your freedom of choice to select a place of treatment or if public healthcare arranges your treatment with a service voucher, Kela will reimburse you for your travel costs

  • in basic healthcare, up to the costs incurred by travelling to the main health centre in your place of domicile
  • in specialist medical care, up to the costs incurred by travelling to the nearest university hospital.

Travel to a place of treatment within private healthcare is reimbursed in a similar manner to travel to public healthcare when the treatment or examination is covered by health insurance.

  • Kela will also reimburse trips to rehabilitation when the rehabilitation is based on a decision from Kela or public healthcare.
  • Kela will not reimburse the costs of a separate trip to the pharmacy for collecting medicine.
  • Reimbursement for travel costs can be applied from Kela within six months after the costs were incurred. Apply for reimbursement from Kela through e-services or on form SV 4.

Travel costs are reimbursed according to the cheapest means of travel

You can receive reimbursement for travel, costs related to medical care, pregnancy care and childbirth care provided within public healthcare when the cost of one-way travel exceeds the deductible of EUR 25.

Kela will mainly reimburse travel costs according to the cheapest means of travel. Usually, this will be a public means of transport, such as a train or a bus.

  • If you use a means of travel that is not the cheapest, such as a taxi, you need to have a certificate from healthcare explaining why this is necessary. If the use of a taxi is due to traffic conditions, you need to justify the use of the taxi in your application for reimbursement.
  • If you travel to a healthcare unit or a place of rehabilitation and your illness qualifies you to receive reimbursement for your taxi trip, order the taxi from the regional number of your hospital district. In this case, you will only pay a deductible of EUR 25 for the trip. If you order a taxi from elsewhere, you will pay the entire price for the trip and cannot receive reimbursement for the cost.