Hospital transfer from abroad to Finland

If you have received medical treatment abroad and require a hospital transfer to Finland for further treatment, the transport costs must be agreed upon in advance. The implementation of hospital transfer is discretionary, and the arrangements are usually handled by the care provider.

In the event that the transfer is made primarily of your own will, you are normally responsible for the transport costs. If the matter has been agreed upon in advance, however, another party, such as the receiving hospital or an insurance company, may cover the costs or pay a portion of them.

Only if you are being treated in a public health care facility in another Nordic country can the transfer be arranged based on the Nordic Convention on Social Security without you paying the transport costs yourself. In this case, the treatment provider will examine the means of implementing the transport with the health insurance institution of the country in which the patient is staying.

Kela will only reimburse costs related to the hospital transfer based on the Health Insurance Act if you pay all transport costs yourself.

Transfer of a person in long-term treatment from another Nordic country

If you are in long-term institutional care in another Nordic country or are receiving other long-term care through social services and would like to move to Finland, the Nordic Convention on Social Security may be applicable to the organisation of your move.

The purpose of the convention is to enable clients in need of continuous treatment or care to move to a country to which they have special ties. The agreement applies to the move of clients in need of long-term treatment or care from other Nordic countries.

The arrangement of your treatment, its costs and the transfer of the responsibility for them is agreed upon in the agreement regarding your move. This agreement is made between the authority responsible for social services in the Finnish municipality and the treatment provider in another Nordic country. The liability for costs may be transferred on the day of the move, or a six-month transition period may be agreed.

In addition to this, the agreement usually involves determining who will pay for your travel and how assistance will be provided for you during the trip.