Hospital transfers

The treatment provider may transfer you for treatment to another treatment facility. If you are transferred to another hospital in Finland, the transport does not usually cost you anything. The requirement is that you are a registered patient in a hospital.

If you have come to Finland from abroad and are receiving treatment through the public health care system, the hospital transfer is free of charge in the following cases

  • you are covered by health insurance in another EU or EEC country, Switzerland or Australia and you require medically necessary treatment during you temporary stay in Finland
  • you live in another EU or EEC country or Switzerland but Finland covers the costs of your medical treatment
  • you have received treatment in Finland by prior authorisation granted by your country of residence (form S2).

If you are not a registered patient in a hospital, you are liable to pay the costs of your transport. You can apply for reimbursement retroactively from Kela or your own health insurance institution.

The reimbursement can be applied for from Kela on form SV 4 within six months of the payment.