The Contact Point’s Christmas calendar takes us to countries near and far


Did you know that on the website you can find information about the healthcare services in over 50 countries? On the country-specific pages you’ll find information about using healthcare services in the destination country, about issues relating especially to the provision of and access to treatment, about payments, and about the health insurance institutions […]

Learn about the pricing of health services at


What does it cost to visit a general practitioner in Helsinki, or what about the clinic in the town where you summer cottage is located? How much do the treatment costs differ if you would like to be treated by a private dentist. The pricing of private health care services can be easily compared at […]

Taking medication with you on long trips – what to remember?


Returning to the South for the winter? Need your medicine with you? Is a Finnish prescription valid at your local pharmacy in Malaga? Before departure, you should find out about prescriptions, rules relating to reimbursable medication and applying for reimbursement. As a general rule, a prescription issued by a doctor in Finland is valid in […] also provides information on social and health services


For the renewed online service, information is being collected on public services and service channels throughout Finland. Public services may be produced by government offices, institutes, municipalities or state-owned companies. serves citizens, companies and authorities alike. Part of, the Finnish Service Catalogue also has information on social and health services. Each organisation […]

The website marks its second launch anniversary


The website will celebrate its second anniversary on 30 September 2017. At launch, it was the first online service accessible nationwide to offer comprehensive information about patients’ right to choose their healthcare provider in Finland and about access to health services outside Finland. The site was created by the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare […]

Kela forms for emigrants and immigrants available online


Kela has made all forms intended for private clients and partners available on its online service, divided by topic. One of the topics is Moving to or from Finland including, for example, the application form for entitlement to healthcare when moving from Finland. This application is used when you move to an EU/EEA country or […]

Municipal decision-makers meet at the House of Municipalities: will also be on location at the Kuntamarkkinat fair on 13 – 14 September 2017


The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare will present the online service at Kuntamarkkinat, a fair for municipal professionals estimated to attract some 7,000 visitors. Kuntamarkkinat is the only public administration forum for all municipal administration sectors in Finland. Central government, businesses and associations are also represented at the fair. The seminars and information spots […]

Patient and client safety strategy to harmonise the safety culture in health and social services


The patient safety strategy has been revised into a patient and client safety strategy. Updated by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the strategy will help to develop the Finnish healthcare and social welfare towards a cohesive safety culture. The first Finnish Patient Safety Strategy was prepared for the years 2009–2013. The new strategy […]

Shorter queues for non-urgent specialised medical care in spring 2017


Waiting times for non-urgent specialised medical care have come down in Finland: compared with the situation at the end of December, the number of patients waiting for treatment for more than six months has decreased by 1,200 during the spring. Compared with the same period in 2016, the number of those who have been waiting […]

How to get treatment abroad and other questions about healthcare services


In June, the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare asked people to describe their need for information about healthcare services as well as their experiences. The purpose of the survey was to find out about clients’ needs and wishes in order to develop the contact point’s communications and the web service. A total of 96 […]