Hello from the Contact Point!


Choosehealthcare.fi celebrated its third birthday last week. To honour the occasion, we decided to create a little presentation of what is behind the site, or the in Finland. Who we are, what we do and how we can help. The Contact Point’s most important task is to provide information. Our main channel is the Choosehealthcare.fi […]

International summer event with tips for cosmopolitan pensioners


Kela’s international summer event was organised on 28–29 August 2018. This year’s event focused on employees and pensioners in international situations. The first day was live-streamed online from Kela’s head office, whereas the second day’s public event took place at the Iso Omena Service Centre in Espoo. The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare was present […]

Statistical information on cross-border health care for 2017


The statistical information on cross-border health care collected by the Contact Point for Cross-border Health Care and Kela for 2017 demonstrate that there were both rises and falls in the costs and reimbursements of international health care. The is now available at contact point’s Slideshare channel. The costs and reimbursements of necessary care provided in […]

Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare to participate in the TERVE-SOS 2018 event on 8–9 May


The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare will be showcasing the Choosehealthcare.fi online service at the HEALTH-SOS social and health care event. The event will be held at the Verkatehdas Arts and Congress Centre in Hämeenlinna on 8–9 May 2018.  is an annual meeting place for social and health care operators, bringing together close to a […]

Contact points for cross-border health care serve in every EU country


Each EU country has at least one contact point for cross-border health care, which provides information about the health services of the country or region and using the services. The contact points offer information on their website, and most also help customers through e-mail and telephone. Interested in health services in Sweden? Ask the Swedish […]

The nickname for the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare is Rajis


In February, the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare was looking for a nickname that would roll off the tongue easier. There was an impressive amount of answers and suggestions: suggested names included RYTY, Rajapiste, RAITA-piste, Ryppi, FINIS and PanTer. After careful consideration, the jury decided to choose the Finnish nickname Rajis for the contact point. […]

Have you come up with a nickname for the Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care in Finland?


Here comes the facial exercise of the day. Assume a comfortable position and try to say the following phrases out loud: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare She sells seashells by the seashore Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, was […]

Country-specific information is helpful, when you are using health care services abroad


The popular country-specific information on the choosehealthcare.fi website has been renewed. Information available on our website regarding the use of health care services in EU and EEA countries and Switzerland has now been grouped even more clearly than before.  is particularly helpful, when you suddenly fall ill abroad and are in need of treatment before […]

EU citizens still lacking awareness of cross-border healthcare


According to the recent study by ANEC, the European consumer voice in standardisation, patients are not keen to seek treatment in another EU country and do not know their rights. Of the 1,656 EU citizen surveyed by ANEC, 37% had received unplanned medical treatment in another EU country, but only 4% had travelled abroad specifically […]

Seasonal and ICT employees and the use of health services in Finland


Berry picker from Thailand, IT expert from India, hotel receptionist from Russia. Each year, thousands of seasonal workers from outside the European Union from so-called third countries and a few hundred intra-corporate transfer (ICT) employees, such as managers of multinational corporations, stay and work in Finland. As users of public health services, seasonal and ICT […]