Have your say on the communications of the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare by answering a survey


Is the use of health care services abroad familiar to you? From where have you searched for information about the health services in Europe or even further away? How and from where should the information be provided? Now you have the opportunity to express your opinion on the use of health care services abroad by […]

New Border Act progresses to Parliament


The Government is proposing amendments to the Act on Cross-Border Health Care, also referred to as the Border Act, and the Health Insurance Act. The basic principle is that the costs of health services received abroad would be reimbursed only when the service is included in the health services offered in Finland. This would mean […]

Follow the Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care on Twitter


The Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care has opened a Twitter account. Follow us: @rajayhteyspiste. The first Tweet was sent on 4 May and was seen by over 3,000 Twitter users. The new Twitter account focuses on sharing information about using health services in Finland and abroad. Come and retweet, follow and discuss our tweets! […]

Reimbursements under the health insurance scheme for dental care provided abroad: Estonia remains the most popular dental care destination


EU legislation makes it possible for Finns to seek dental care in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland. You can seek dental care either with a prior authorisation granted by Kela or independently. If you visit a dentist independently, you can apply for reimbursement from Kela on the same grounds as for dental […]

Persons without a municipality of residence have the right to use health care services by paying the client fee


One of the special characteristics of our public service system has been the arrangement of health care services according to the place of residence. The services are local and provided to the residents of the municipality in question. Everyone covered by the Finnish health insurance is entitled to receive health care reimbursements. Foreigners without a […]

International social security more topical than ever


Many Finns move to another EU country for work, studies or retirement and use the health care services of the new country of residence. Tourists may also need health care services suddenly. An increasing number of foreigners also become clients of the Finnish health care services. Therefore, cross-border healthcare is already very common. The EU’s […]

Health and Social Services Reform and Act on Cross-Border Health Care


The Government proposal regarding the amendments to the Act on Cross-Border Health Care will proceed to processing by Parliament in late May. The Government proposal is based on the updates necessitated by the Act on Organising Health and Social Services, the Act on Freedom of Choice and the Act on Provision of Social and Health […]

Comparison of medicine reimbursement systems: More new medicines in the Finnish market


– The comparison of Finland and New Zealand is interesting because the countries have similar health care systems, whose costs per resident are close to each other. However, the medicine reimbursement systems and medicine markets are very different, says Kela’s researcher Katri Aaltonen, MSc (Pharm.). To what extent are medicine reimbursements sufficient in Finland and […]

Welcome to the Choosehealthcare.fi stand at the TERVE-SOS 2017 event


The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare and the Choosehealthcare.fi online service will again this year be exhibiting at TERVE-SOS, Finland’s largest educational event for social and healthcare professionals, which will be held in the Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre in Helsinki during the first week of May. We will not settle for the ordinary, either: […]

Advisory Board on Cross-Border Healthcare begins 3-year term


The first Advisory Board on Cross-Border Healthcare has been appointed. It will serve a three-year term from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2020. The Advisory Board is chaired by Pävi Sillanaukee, and the deputy chair is Kirsi Varhila, both of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The Advisory Board is charged with monitoring […]