Pregnancy and childbirth in Finland

The European Health Insurance Card will ensure that you receive treatment required by pregnancy and childbirth during your temporary residence in Finland. You are also free to transfer to Finland from another EU country in order to deliver your baby. In this case, you are usually responsible for the costs of treatment.

In Finland, pregnancies are monitored at child health clinics which are part of the basic healthcare arranged by the municipalities. Private service providers may also offer services related to pregnancy monitoring.

If you have a place of domicile in Finland, you are always entitled to child health clinic services and delivery for the residents’ customer fee. If you are not a resident of a municipality in Finland, Kela may, under specific conditions, confirm your right to public healthcare services with a separate certificate of entitlement to treatment benefits.

The European Health Insurance Card (European Commission) will ensure that you receive treatment required by pregnancy and childbirth within public healthcare during your temporary residence in Finland.

  • The doctor will assess the type of treatment you require, while taking into account the duration of your residence in Finland.
  • You will receive treatment for the same customer fee as the residents of Finland when you present your European Health Insurance Card to the treatment provider. The prerequisite is that you have not arrived in Finland for the sole purpose of giving birth.

If you are covered by health insurance in another EU country, you can freely come to Finland to give birth. If the purpose of your visit to Finland is to receive treatment for childbirth, you will be responsible for the costs incurred by the treatment. You will receive treatment on the same grounds as the residents of Finland. You can apply for reimbursement retrospectively from the health insurance institute that covers the costs of your medical care. It will cover costs according to the legislation in its country.

If you come to Finland from outside of the EU, EEA or Switzerland and you give birth in Finland, you will usually be responsible for the costs of treatment. The costs of treatment for childbirth can also be charged to the customer’s private insurance.

  • You are always entitled to receive emergency treatment for childbirth within Finland’s public healthcare regardless of the country that your come from or you citizenship.
  • Public healthcare can also offer treatment for childbirth for persons arriving from outside the EU for the purpose of giving birth, if it has available capacity.

In Finland, deliveries take place in hospitals

Hospitals manage deliveries in Finland. In order for a hospital to offer childbirth services, it must have a capacity of approx. 1,000 deliveries per year, the possibility to perform urgent emergency C-sections and facilities for the enhanced supervision of the mother and foetus.

You can contact the child health clinics and hospitals directly in order to receive information concerning access to treatment and pricing. Contact information for maternity hospitals is available on this website.