If you move temporarily from an EU or EEA country, Switzerland or Australia to Finland, you are entitled to medically necessary treatment within public health care. Persons moving temporarily from other countries are entitled to urgent medical care. If you move to Finland permanently you are entitled to care in the same manner as locals.

Moving to Finland temporarily?

Public health care will offer urgent medical care if it is required during your temporary residence in Finland. If you have arrived from another EU or EEA country, Switzerland or Australia, you can also receive other medically necessary treatment that cannot be postponed until you return home. You can also use the services of the Finnish private health care sector, in which case you will be liable for all treatment costs.

If you come to Finland temporarily and you do not study, work or receive a pension, read about you entitlement to care under Falling ill when travelling in Finland.

Moving to Finland permanently?

Everyone permanently residing in Finland is entitled to use public health care services. The Local Register Office will register the municipality of residence in the Population Information System. You municipality of residence will provide you the public health care services but you are also free to choose services from outside your municipality of residence.

Persons living in Finland are usually also covered by Finnish health insurance and receive reimbursement for the costs of private medical care, medicines and travel related to the illness.

When moving to Finland permanently, do as follows:

  1. Submit a notification of move to the Local Register Office and also notify your move to your prior country of residence
  2. If you apply for a benefit for the first time after moving to Finland and your entitlement to benefits provided by Kela has not yet been determined, you should notify your move to Finland to Kela.

Purpose of moving affects your rights to treatment

If you move to Finland as a student or researcher, employee or pensioner, it may impact your entitlement to treatment.