If your need for treatment is not urgent, you can contact the health centre or hospital emergency care unit in your place of residence. You can also go to a private clinic.

  • The municipal health centres provide emergency care services on weekdays between 8:00 and 16:00. At other times, emergency care is usually provided at hospitals. In some municipalities, emergency care services for basic healthcare is arranged in the hospital of a nearby municipality even during office hours.
  • The contact information for the health centres is also available on the websites of the municipalities, such as www.hel.fi for Helsinki.
  • Contact information for emergency care services at hospitals is also available on this website (Contact information / Public healthcare / Accidents and emergency).

When you contact a health centre or hospital, a healthcare professional will assess your need for treatment and refer you to a doctor, nurse or physiotherapist, for example. If necessary, a doctor will refer you to a hospital for further examinations and treatment.