The prior authorisation is a promissory note, based on which the party granting the permission reimburses the country providing the treatment for the costs related to the treatment. You can apply for prior authorisation from the authorities in your country of residence, usually from your own health insurance institute.

Prior authorisation is used in the EU and EEA countries and in Switzerland. Each country grants the prior authorisation in their official language. In addition to your personal information, the prior authorisation usually contains the information concerning the treatment provider, the validity period of the prior authorisation and the treatment or illness for which the prior authorisation has been granted.

  • The prior authorisation is granted on form S2. Other types of prior authorisations are not accepted in Finnish public healthcare.
  • The authorities in your country of residence will decide on the granting of the prior authorisation. In specific situations, another country may be responsible for granting the prior authorisation; this occurs when a country other than your own is responsible for the costs of your medical care.
  • Finland cannot affect the decision concerning whether or not a prior authorisation will be granted by your country of residence.
  • Kela will invoice the costs of treatment in accordance with the prior authorisation from the party granting the authorisation retrospectively and reimburse the municipality or joint municipal authority for the costs incurred during treatment.

If you have been granted prior authorisation for treatment provided in Finland, deliver the authorisation directly to the treatment provider.