The country covering the costs of your medical care is usually the country that pays your pension. If you have accumulated a pension from several countries, and one of them is the country that you currently reside in, that country will cover your costs of medical care. If you do not receive a pension from your country of residence, the country where you have accumulated a pension for the longest will be responsible for your medical care costs.

If you move to another EU or EEA country or to Switzerland while receiving a pension from Finland, Kela will provide you with a pensioner’s European Health Insurance Card. The flipside of the card is lime green. The card

  • will entitle you to treatment within Finnish public healthcare for the same customer fees and in the same manner as the residents of Finland,
  • will entitle you to receive medically necessary treatment while you are temporary residing outside of your country of residence in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland,
  • will entitle you to direct reimbursement for private healthcare services, medicine purchases and ambulance transport in Finland.

The European Health Insurance Card issued by Kela is only used outside of your country of residence in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland. The card is valid for two years and it will be renewed automatically.

Register with the health insurance institute in your country of residence

In your country of residence, you will receive treatment in a similar manner to the local residents once you have registered with the local health insurance institute via form E 121. You can demonstrate your entitlement to treatment with a document issued by the health insurance institute of the country in question. Finland will reimburse your country of residence for the costs incurred due to your medical care.