Your right to treatment when moving abroad

When you move abroad, your entitlement to treatment is determined according to the country of destination, and the purpose and duration of the move. When you move abroad, the Local Register Office registers the municipality of residence.

When you move permanently abroad, your coverage under Finnish social security and your right as the resident of a municipality to use public healthcare services usually ends on the date of your move from Finland.

The right to use Finnish public healthcare services is primarily based on the municipality of residence. If you have a municipality of residence in Finland, you can as a resident of the municipality always use all public healthcare services. The municipality of residence is decided on by the local register office.

If you are covered under the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme in Finland, you are partially reimbursed for the costs of private healthcare in Finland and for the costs of healthcare incurred abroad. Persons covered under the NHI scheme have a so-called Kela card.

Some groups of people may receive treatment or reimbursements in Finland even if they live abroad on a permanent basis. Such persons include, for instance, posted workers and students who study for a degree abroad. Check with Kela whether you are included in such a group.

The issue of whether your move to the country of destination is permanent or temporary usually also plays a part in determining your entitlement to treatment in the destination country and in Finland. A move is usually temporary in the case of a stay abroad of less than six months.

When you move to live abroad, you need to inform Kela if you are receiving Kela benefits. Always notify the Local Register Office if you move abroad.