Rehabilitation abroad

You can seek and use rehabilitation services abroad. Rehabilitation services abroad may differ from the rehabilitation provided in Finland. If rehabilitation is arranged as a healthcare service in another EU country, the service provider must accept you into the rehabilitation programme.

If you need rehabilitation as a result of a traffic accident or an accident at work, the rehabilitation will be available through insurer. Agree in advance with your insurance company on the procedures if you intend to go abroad to obtain rehabilitation

Rehabilitation abroad on the basis of the Health Insurance Act

You can seek rehabilitation services abroad under the same conditions as in Finland. The rehabilitation may involve, for example, post-surgery physiotherapy.

  • Each country provides rehabilitation services in accordance with its own legislation and national system.
  • Services which are not included in the service choices in healthcare provided in Finland or reimbursed under the Finnish Health Insurance Act may be offered as rehabilitation abroad. Be aware that in that case Kela will not reimburse costs incurred from rehabilitation.

Under the Health Insurance Act, you can obtain retrospectively from Kela reimbursement for the costs of rehabilitation received in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland if you have sought physiotherapy services.

Demanding medical rehabilitation

You can go abroad to utilise therapy arranged as demanding medical rehabilitation if you have received a rehabilitation decision from Kela on entitlement to receive rehabilitation abroad. You can seek a decision retrospectively too. Permission for rehabilitation can be granted if the conditions pursuant to the Kela Rehabilitation Act are met.

  • You do not require separate prior authorisation for rehabilitation provided abroad. Be aware, however, that reimbursement of rehabilitation costs requires that the rehabilitation is included in the choice of services provided by the Finnish healthcare system and complies with the Kela Rehabilitation Act.
  • If you wish, you may ask Kela in advance whether the costs of your planned rehabilitation abroad are reimbursable on the basis of the Kela Rehabilitation Act. Kela will give an appealable decision on entitlement to rehabilitation, however, only on the basis of a rehabilitation application.