Prior authorisation (form S2)

Prior authorisation to seek treatment is granted on form S2. With a prior authorisation you will receive treatment in the country´s public healthcare system at the same client fee as for local residents.

In general, form S2 is used when a person seeks treatment in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland. Form S2 is a payment commitment, in which case the treatment provider will invoice the party that issued the form for the costs of treatment retrospectively.

  • If you have received from Kela prior authorisation on form S2, send it to the treatment provider. Kela will provide your with instructions for filling our the form.
  • If you have received prior authorisation from abroad for treatment in Finland, give the document to the treatment provider in the public healthcare system.

Form S2 is an A4, EU standardised paper document. The relevant authority will fill in all the necessary information.

Each country issues the form in their official language. Kela issues the forms in Finnish or Swedish. In exceptional cases, forms in English can be used too.

You can apply to Kela for prior authorisation for treatment on form SV 129.

Use of forms S2 in other situations

In exceptional cases, the destination country can require a S2 form also for treatment that should be available by presenting a European Health Insurance Card. Circumstances such as these occasionally arise when a client need treatment for a chronic condition, or for pregnancy- or childbirth-related care.

If you move to another EU or EEA country or to Switzerland and Kela pays you a benefit allowance at the time of moving, you can obtain an S2 form from Kela for the purpose of registering entitlement to treatment. The form will be issued for the period from which Kela will pay you the allowance. Send the form to the health insurance institution of your new country of residence for registration. In the Nordic countries, form S2 is not, however used for this purpose, but only for seeking treatment with prior authorisation.

If a treatment provider, health insurance institution or other authority in the destination country asks you for a form S2 or another certificate in order to receive treatment, contact Kela´s Centre for International Affairs