European Health Insurance Card for pensioners

Kela will issue you a European Health Insurance Card if you live in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland and Finland is responsible for your medical care costs. The back of the card is lime green.

By presenting the card you can obtain medically necessary treatment when staying in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland. The card functions in the same way in the country of residence as the European Health Insurance Card usually does.


In addition, the card will enable you to receive treatment you need within the public healthcare system in Finland in same way and at the same client fee as a person living in Finland, as well as direct reimbursement of costs of treatment in the private healthcare sector, medicinal purchases and ambulance transportation.

The local health insurance card or other certificate provided by the relevant authority is used in the country of residence.

Kela will issue a pensioner a European Health Insurance Card when the social security issues relating to the move from Finland have been clarified. Kela issues the card automatically to a pensioner whose medical care costs are Finland´s responsibility after moving from Finland.

If a treatment provider, health insurance institution or other authority in the destination country asks you for another certificate in order to receive treatment, contact Kela´s Centre for International Affairs.