In emergencies call 066 to obtain help.

Healthcare and medical care

When travelling to Mexico, you should take out comprehensive travel insurance. The standard of private hospitals and clinics is generally good, but often inadequate in units within the public system. Private medical care services of a high standard are available especially in the capital, Mexico City. Many doctors have trained abroad. There is only limited availability of healthcare services outside large cities.

The prices of medical care vary in different units and on how demanding the treatment is. Despite having travel insurance, you may have to pay the costs of treatment yourself first. Most doctors and hospitals do not accept travel insurance certificates as a guarantee of payment. If you become more seriously ill in Mexico, contact your insurance company as soon as possible so that you can agree on payment arrangements. Save all receipts and certificates, as you will need them when you apply for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Be aware with respect to pharmacies that medicines prohibited in Finland can often be obtained too, frequently without a prescription. Purchase only medicines prescribed by a doctor or ones that you are familiar with.

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