In emergencies call 112 to obtain help.

Sudden illness

In Malta, public health services are obtained through the health centres and hospitals.

By presenting your European Health Insurance Card, you can obtain necessary medical care, usually free of charge. Information about services as well contact information can be obtained from the Maltese Ministry of Health and Energy.

There are a large number of private health services available. These operate separately from the public sector. You pay the full cost of treatment yourself when you use these services.


You can obtain treatment from a doctor by going directly to a Government Health Centre. There are eight public health centres in Malta. You can find their contact information on the Ministry of Health and Energy website. When you show your European Health Insurance Card and ID, treatment is free of charge. Be aware that you must present the original document – a paper copy of the card is not sufficient. If you do not have a European Health Insurance Card with you, the full price for a doctor´s appointment will be charged. It must be paid (in cash or by credit card) before leaving the premises.


Acute emergency dental treatment is provided free of charge in the health centres. Treatment is available, however, only on limited basis. Most dental care in Malta is provided in the private sector. Costs incurred for private healthcare are not reimbursed.


Prescription medicines prescribed by a doctor are non-reimbursable. The only exception to this is medication prescribed in a hospital, which is free during inpatient treatment, and for the first three days after you are discharged. In other situations, you will have to pay the costs of medicines yourself.

Hospital care

Treatment is free in public hospitals when you show your European Health Insurance Card and ID. Treatment provided by hospitals in an emergency is free of charge too. In general, you can receive hospital treatment if you have a doctor´s referral.

Emergency ambulance transport is free of charge.

If you have to pay all costs yourself

If you have to pay the full price for treatment at a local public healthcare unit for which you would have been entitled to reimbursement with a European Health Insurance Card, you can apply for reimbursement retrospectively. You can apply for reimbursement either from the health insurance institution of the destination country or from Kela on form SV 128.