Treatment-related travel in international situations

If a patient receives medical care in Finland based on EU legislation or an international social security agreement, Kela reimburses to the transport organiser travel costs incurred in Finland in certain situations. Kela also reimburses hospital transports between the Nordic countries. In general, patients pay the travel costs themselves in cross-border situations and apply to Kela for reimbursement retrospectively.

For holders of the European Health Insurance Card, ambulance transport is provided for the price of the deductible

Patients from abroad with the European Health Insurance Card receive transport by ambulance and rescue helicopter and pay only the €25 deductible. Patients who do not have the European Health Insurance Card or a temporary substitute certificate are generally personally liable for the costs of any medical transport. Patients from EU/EEA countries, Switzerland, Australia or Canadian Quebec may apply for reimbursement for travel costs from Kela retrospectively.

Kela reimburses some of the costs of transfer transport in Finland of patients from abroad who are in public health care and registered in a treatment facility.

Kela reimburses transfer transport costs to another Nordic country in corresponding situations; however, before organising transfer transport by air ambulance, the treatment provider must contact Kela’s Centre for International Affairs.

Kela reimburses the municipality or joint municipal authority maintaining the health care some of the transport costs of a transferred patient when public health care obtained the treatment from abroad as an outsourced service and paid the transport costs. If the patient was not registered and paid for his/her own travel costs in the outsourced service situation, the patient may apply for reimbursement from Kela in accordance with the Health Insurance Act.