Medicines and medical prescriptions

For purchasing medication abroad, the prescribing professional can issue an electronic prescription called a ‘Medical prescription for purchasing medication abroad’.

For medication to be purchased in another EU country, the doctor prints out a medical prescription from the system for purchasing medication abroad in place of a patient guide. The paper form is necessary because for the present, EU countries do not have a shared system for processing medical prescriptions electronically. A system is being built.

The Medical prescription for purchasing medication abroad is available in Finnish and English or in Swedish and English.

Verifying the correctness of a foreign medical prescription

Where possible, pharmacies must independently investigate and verify the correctness and authenticity of prescriptions that have been issued abroad and look into any other questions related to the prescriptions.

If necessary, pharmacies may ask the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare to ascertain the right to issue prescriptions of a health care professional operating in another EU country. In order to investigate the matter, the contact point needs information about the health care professional who issued the prescription (name, professional qualifications, contact information, work address and country) and information about the medication.