Specialised medical care is usually the responsibility of the hospital district – which has a central hospital and other hospitals – covering the client's municipality of residence. You can also choose your specialised medical care provider in the public healthcare system from anywhere in Finland. The specialised medical care unit is chosen together with the doctor or dentist providing a referral.

The choice of place of specialised medical care is always made by the doctor or dentist treating you. He or she will provide a referral. He or she will assess the level of treatment you need. You may not therefore seek treatment, for instance, at a university central hospital if your illness does not require that level of treatment. Nor may you choose to register as a client at a hospital where the required examination or treatment is not available.

Responsibility for treatment in specialised medical care is transferred to the chosen place of treatment only on the basis of the illness or treatment need indicated in the referral. Thus, if you need specialised medical care services more than once during the same year, you may choose your place of treatment separately each time.

Kela will reimburse your travel costs to the nearest medical examination or treatment unit.

There is still little comparative data available concerning specialised medical care providers, for example, on waiting lists and client satisfaction. Statistics on access to treatment are available on the websites of most hospitals.