Have you come up with a nickname for the Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care in Finland?


Here comes the facial exercise of the day. Assume a comfortable position and try to say the following phrases out loud: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare She sells seashells by the seashore Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, was […]

Country-specific information is helpful, when you are using health care services abroad


The popular country-specific information on the choosehealthcare.fi website has been renewed. Information available on our website regarding the use of health care services in EU and EEA countries and Switzerland has now been grouped even more clearly than before.  is particularly helpful, when you suddenly fall ill abroad and are in need of treatment before […]

EU citizens still lacking awareness of cross-border healthcare


According to the recent study by ANEC, the European consumer voice in standardisation, patients are not keen to seek treatment in another EU country and do not know their rights. Of the 1,656 EU citizen surveyed by ANEC, 37% had received unplanned medical treatment in another EU country, but only 4% had travelled abroad specifically […]

Seasonal and ICT employees and the use of health services in Finland


Berry picker from Thailand, IT expert from India, hotel receptionist from Russia. Each year, thousands of seasonal workers from outside the European Union from so-called third countries and a few hundred intra-corporate transfer (ICT) employees, such as managers of multinational corporations, stay and work in Finland. As users of public health services, seasonal and ICT […]

The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare and Kela at the Matka 2018 travel fair


Visit our stand on 18-21 January to ask about healthcare in international situations, to get to know the choosehealthcare.fi website, or to order a European Health Insurance Card. Experts from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) and the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare will be available for consultation at stand 6p60. Choosehealthcare.fi offers up-to-date […]

Visit the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare at the Matka 2018 travel fair


Experts from the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) will be available for consultation between 18 and 21 January 2018 at the Matka 2018 travel fair, stand 6p60. Visit our Barcelona-themed stand to get to know the Choosehealthcare.fi website, to ask about healthcare in international situations, or to […]

Are you familiar with the following international Christmas traditions? Merry Christmas!


Our Twitter Christmas calendar  gathered together Christmas trivia from all over the world. Our  feature additional information on using healthcare services in more than 50 different countries. Peaceful Christmas season to all! In France, Christmas dinner is topped off with the yule log, “la bûche de Noël”. The Norwegians ease themselves into the Christmas holidays […]

The Contact Point’s Christmas calendar takes us to countries near and far


Did you know that on the website www.choosehealthcare.fi you can find information about the healthcare services in over 50 countries? On the country-specific pages you’ll find information about using healthcare services in the destination country, about issues relating especially to the provision of and access to treatment, about payments, and about the health insurance institutions […]

Almost 1,8 million Finns already have the European Health Insurance Card


Kela has already provided almost 1,8 million Finns with the European Health Insurance Card, or EHIC. According to Kela’s statistics, the number of cards has risen steadily from the 1,2 million issued by 2012. All of those whose medical care costs Finland is responsible for are eligible for a . You can order the card […]

Use of health care services abroad and Kela reimbursement


According to Kela’s statistics on Finns who have suddenly fallen ill or  outside Finland, medical costs incurred abroad and reimbursements paid retrospectively to the customers are slightly rising. The statistics only take into account those cases where the customers paid all the medical costs themselves and then applied for retroactive reimbursement from Kela. Any costs […]