The Contact Point’s Christmas calendar takes us to countries near and far


Did you know that on the website you can find information about the healthcare services in over 50 countries? On the country-specific pages you’ll find information about using healthcare services in the destination country, about issues relating especially to the provision of and access to treatment, about payments, and about the health insurance institutions […]

Almost 1,8 million Finns already have the European Health Insurance Card


Kela has already provided almost 1,8 million Finns with the European Health Insurance Card, or EHIC. According to Kela’s statistics, the number of cards has risen steadily from the 1,2 million issued by 2012. All of those whose medical care costs Finland is responsible for are eligible for a . You can order the card […]

Use of health care services abroad and Kela reimbursement


According to Kela’s statistics on Finns who have suddenly fallen ill or  outside Finland, medical costs incurred abroad and reimbursements paid retrospectively to the customers are slightly rising. The statistics only take into account those cases where the customers paid all the medical costs themselves and then applied for retroactive reimbursement from Kela. Any costs […]

Kela’s web pages about medical treatment in international situations have been updated with new information


How can you use healthcare services abroad? Who pays for the treatment? Visit the updated Kela pages. An updated section on  is now available in Finnish, Swedish and English on Kela’s website at The updated pages are part of a broader project to redesign Kela’s website; earlier in June an updated extensive section on […]

Statistics from the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL): Differences in waiting lists between healthcare districts


At the end of December 2016, 115,823 patients were waiting for access to treatment at the hospitals of healthcare districts, and almost 2,000 of them had been waiting for non-urgent treatment for more than six months, says a THL statistics report. The fastest access to non-urgent special medical treatment was available in Southwest Finland and […] homepage has a new look


Topical matters and the key content of the website take up most of the new homepage of the site, which was launched in March. The aim of the revamped homepage is to help readers to find the most popular and topical information from the diverse content of the website. Topical content now easier to […]

Follow preparations for the reform of health and social services at the website


In the reform of health and social services currently under preparation, the whole of public social and health care will be reformed. You can follow the progress of the preparations for the reform at , a site with a comprehensive collection of information and material about the reform. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health […] also providing information in sign language


The key content of the online service has been published in sign language at . The website, which serves users of health services and healthcare professionals, contains information about the possibilities and rights of patients to use health services in Finland and abroad. The website also contains information about customer payments, treatment costs […]

Read our sign language site


We have published the key content of the website, both  and  sign language. Sign language videos, for example, explain how you can select a health centre or hospital in Finland, how moving abroad will affect your rights to receive health care, or how you can seek treatment abroad. You can view the sign language […]

Interest in the European Health Insurance Card at a travel fair


At the end of January, the Kela and online services attended the Matka 2017 Nordic Travel Fair at the Helsinki Fair Centre. Our stand was very busy as more than 1,000 visitors ordered the European Health Insurance Card during their visit to the fair. Thanks are also due to all those who participated in the […]