Treatment costs when you seek treatment in Finland

The treatment provider may charge you for treatment costs beforehand as an advance payment. The amount of this payment may not exceed the estimated treatment costs. You can contact the treatment provider to inquire about the prices of treatment. If you have prior authorisation, you can receive treatment with the client fee If you have […]

Costs of medically necessary treatment

Residents of another Nordic country can also present their identification. Residents of the United Kingdom can present their passport. Residents of Australia can receive medically necessary care by presenting their passport. Your European Health Insurance Card, identification or passport must be valid during your treatment. If you do not have a European Health Insurance Card […]

Treatment costs for patients coming from abroad

A statutory client fee is always charged to patients in Finnish public health care. In addition to this, the actual costs of the treatment can be charged to you in the following cases: you have come to Finland to seek treatment and you do not have prior authorisation from your country of residence (form S2) […]

Travel relating to treatment provided abroad

You can receive reimbursement for treatment costs, if they have been incurred from trips related to medical care, pregnancy care or childbirth care provided in an EU or EEA country or in Switzerland the cost of a one-way trip exceeds the deductible of EUR 25 you have paid all travel costs yourself. Kela will mainly […]

Reimbursement of costs of treatment abroad

If you have paid the costs of treatment abroad yourself, you will receive reimbursement from Kela. Apply for reimbursement from Kela on form SV 128 within six months of your payment. Receiving reimbursement usually requires that a corresponding treatment would have been provided in Finland’s public healthcare or that reimbursements for private medical care would […]

Costs of treatment and reimbursements in Finland

Treatment costs in public healthcare You can receive information concerning the prices of public healthcare services from the health centres and hospital districts. Usually, you will pay the same fee for the use of public healthcare services as the residents of that municipality. Your place of domicile will cover the actual costs of treatment. If […]

Moving abroad for study or research

If you move from Finland to study, for unremunerated training, research or post-graduate studies abroad, you are covered by Finnish health insurance for the duration of your studies. If you move abroad to do paid training relating to your studies, this may affect your health insurance coverage in Finland. Notify Kela of residence abroad longer […]