Moving outside the EU

The national legislation of the destination country determines the type of healthcare services that you can access. The healthcare systems of countries differ considerably from each other and the requirements for access to services vary greatly. It is recommended that you ascertain your right to receive healthcare services in the destination country, and the payments […]

Moving to an EU or EEA country or to Switzerland

Your right to receive treatment in EU and EEA countries, and in Switzerland after moving are affected by the following factors: Whether you are covered under health insurance in Finland after your move Whether your move is temporary or permanent Reason for your move. Under EU legislation, only one country at a time is responsible […]

Your right to treatment when moving abroad

Kela ascertains your right to treatment when . The Local Register Office also registers whether you retain your municipality of residence in Finland. When you move permanently abroad, your coverage under Finnish social security and your right as the resident of a municipality to use public healthcare services usually ends on the date of your […]

Treatment abroad

What is the Patient Directive? The EU Directive on Patient Rights in Cross-Border Health care reinforces the patients’ right to seek health care services in another EU country. In addition to this, the Patient Directive secures the right of a patient to receive retroactive reimbursement for treatment administered in another EU country on the same […]

From Finland to treatment abroad

If customers want to seek treatment abroad, they must independently investigate what kind of care is available in the target country and what the seeking of treatment requires in practice. The customers are also responsible for having their patient documents translated and delivered to the treatment provider. helps customers choose the place of treatment. More […]