Seeking treatment in Finland

You need to contact the treatment providers personally in order to determine the opportunities for treatment, waiting times and treatment costs. If necessary, you can request information from the . A referral is required for specialised medical care. A referral written in another EU country can be accepted if it includes the information needed to assess […]

Seeking treatment abroad

Patients are accepted for treatment and treatment is arranged in accordance with the legislation of the country in question. Clarify thoroughly in advance the procedures and payments involved in practice relating to the treatment. Treatment in an EU or EEA country or in Switzerland If live in an , you can seek treatment in another […]

Treatment costs when you seek treatment in Finland

The treatment provider may charge you for treatment costs beforehand as an advance payment. The amount of this payment may not exceed the estimated treatment costs. You can contact the treatment provider to inquire about the prices of treatment. If you have prior authorisation, you can receive treatment with the client fee If you have […]

Reimbursement of travel if you seek treatment abroad

If you travel outside of the EU or EEA countries or Switzerland for the purpose of using healthcare services, your costs will not be reimbursed. Seek reimbursement for travel costs from Kela on form SV 128. Travel relating to treatment provided with a prior authorisation If Kela has granted you prior authorisation for treatment in […]