Certificate of entitlement to treatment in Finland

Such a certificate can be issued when you are working in Finland but not permanently living there, for example. A certificate can also be issued when your place of domicile is in Finland but another country is responsible for the costs of your medical care. The certificate contains the following information: The scope of treatment […]

Passport and personal identification

A citizen of another country who is permanently living in another Nordic country or Australia can also use a passport from another country to prove their right to treatment. The passport of a person coming from Australia must indicate unlimited right of residence in Australia. Furthermore, their permanent address of residence must be in Australia […]

How to prove your right to treatment in Finland

There are several different certificates and their purposes vary. Present your certificate of entitlement to the care provider when you arrive for treatment. The certificate must be valid at the time when the treatment is given. Sudden illness If you become suddenly ill during a temporary stay in Finland (on holiday, for example) or you […]

Pensioner living abroad

In Finland, all persons requiring emergency treatment are treated within public healthcare. You will be responsible for the costs of emergency treatment if you do not have a place of domicile in Finland you are not living in an EU or EEA country or in Switzerland Finnish social security usually ends when you  as a […]

Working in Finland

When you arrive in Finland for the purposes of employment, the following factors affect your right to use Finnish public healthcare services and to receive reimbursement for the costs of private medical care: The country from which you are arriving, The salary of your employment, Whether or not your employer is located in Finland. You […]

Residence in Finland

The Register Office will record the place of domicile in the population register system. Your place of domicile will arrange public healthcare services for you. Persons living in Finland are usually also covered by Finnish health insurance and receive reimbursement for the costs of private medical care, medicines and travel related to the illness. If […]

Temporary residence in Finland

You will receive medically necessary treatment in Finland’s public healthcare system when you are temporarily staying in Finland and your healthcare costs are covered by another EU or EEA country, Switzerland or Australia. You will pay the same customer fee as the permanent residents of Finland. If you use private healthcare services, you will receive . […]

Passport and identity card

You can also use the in another Nordic country or in the United Kingdom, but it is not essential. The treatment provider usually needs to know your address in Finland. In Australia, you will receive treatment in the country´s public healthcare system in the same way and at the same price as the local residents […]

European Health Insurance Card

Medically necessary treatment is care decided on by a doctor or other healthcare professional. It is treatment that you must obtain in order to be able to safely continue your stay in the destination country in accordance with your original plans. A need for medically necessary treatment can arise due to, besides sudden illness, a […]