Reimbursement of costs of treatment abroad

If you have paid the costs of treatment abroad yourself, you will receive reimbursement from Kela. Apply for reimbursement from Kela on form SV 128 within six months of your payment. Receiving reimbursement usually requires that a corresponding treatment would have been provided in Finland’s public healthcare or that reimbursements for private medical care would […]

Reimbursement for medical care

Kela will provide reimbursement for the following costs of private medical care: Doctor and dentist fees Costs of examinations and treatment ordered by a doctor Costs of prescribed medicines Costs of travel related to the treatment of illness. The reimbursement of fees, examinations and treatments is based on a reimbursement tariff that indicates the amount […]

Reimbursement for medical care from Kela

The appeal can be written as a free-form document. Address the appeal to the Social Security Appeal Board (Samu). Deliver the appeal to Kela. The appeal must be submitted at the latest by the end of the 30th day since you received information on Kela’s decision. The decision is considered to have reached you on […]