Price information for private health care services

The statistics do not include service providers that provided fewer than 20 of the types of consultations or procedures studied in the reference year. The data are grouped by municipality. The municipality is determined by reference to each service provider’s business location. Median prices for the following services are included: consultations with specialist physicians (7 […]

Private healthcare

You can find information about private healthcare services on the FinlandCare website. The FinlandCare programme promotes the internationalisation of companies operating in Finland that provide health care and care services. Read more on the  website.

Reimbursement for medical care

Kela will provide reimbursement for the following costs of private medical care: Doctor and dentist fees Costs of examinations and treatment ordered by a doctor Costs of prescribed medicines Costs of travel related to the treatment of illness. The reimbursement of fees, examinations and treatments is based on a reimbursement tariff that indicates the amount […]

Supervision of healthcare

Valvira guides and supervises healthcare professionals and the operations of medical facilities both in the public and private sector. The task of Valvira is to maintain the of healthcare professionals investigate a complaint when it is suspected that a medical error or malpractice has contributed to the death or severe injury. In any other case, […]

Private healthcare

Private service providers can sell services directly to clients as well as to municipalities and joint municipal authorities. Private operators provide both primary healthcare and specialised medical care services. When you use private health services, you pay the costs of treatment yourself. Private service providers can set the prices for their services freely. You can […]

Service vouchers

Service voucher-related practices and the service selection vary considerably across Finland. The value of the service voucher can be the same for everyone or income-related, in which case its value depends on your earnings. Municipalities usually use service vouchers mostly in services for the aged, in dental care and also in certain specialised medical care […]