Seeking treatment abroad with prior authorisation

You should find out in advance the possibility to use prior authorisation from the potential treatment provider. As a general rule, prior authorisation can be used in the public healthcare system of another EU or EEA country or of Switzerland. A prior authorisation consists of a paper form with the code S2. The form has […]

Prior authorisation

What is the prior authorisation for seeking treatment abroad? Prior authorisation constitutes a payment commitment through which your municipality or hospital district bears the costs of treatment provided abroad. Prior authorisation can be granted for treatment to be provided in another EU or EEC country. The authorisation must be granted if the treatment in question […]

Kela’s prior authorisation decision

Decisions by the Administrative Court of Appeal can be further appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court if the Supreme Administrative Court grants leave to appeal. You can appeal Kela’s decision concerning a prior authorisation if the decision concerns you or you are the custodian or trustee of a person mentioned in the decision. Kela will […]

Prior authorisation (form S2)

The prior authorisation is a promissory note, based on which the party granting the permission reimburses the country providing the treatment for the costs related to the treatment. You can apply for prior authorisation from the authorities in your country of residence, usually from your own health insurance institute. Prior authorisation is used in the […]

Prior authorisation for seeking treatment

You can apply for prior authorisation if you live in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland. You must always seek prior authorisation from the authorities in your country of residence, even when the costs of your treatment are not covered by your country of residence. Prior authorisation is granted using form S2. Other […]