European Health Insurance Card for pensioners

The country covering the costs of your medical care is usually the country that pays your pension. If you have accumulated a pension from several countries, and one of them is the country that you currently reside in, that country will cover your costs of medical care. If you do not receive a pension from […]

Pensioner living abroad

In Finland, all persons requiring emergency treatment are treated within public healthcare. You will be responsible for the costs of emergency treatment if you do not have a place of domicile in Finland you are not living in an EU or EEA country or in Switzerland Finnish social security usually ends when you  as a […]

European Health Insurance Card for pensioners

By presenting the card you can obtain medically necessary treatment when staying in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland. The card functions in the same way in the country of residence as the usually does. In addition, the card will enable you to receive treatment you need within the public healthcare system in […]

Moving abroad in retirement

If you move as a pensioner to live abroad temporarily or permanently, Kela will decide whether you are covered under heath insurance in Finland after moving. In general, coverage under the Finnish health insurance system ends on the date of moving, and you will no longer be entitled to use your Kela card, for example. […]