Treatment injuries and patient insurance

The Patient Insurance Centre centrally manages compensation for treatment injuries taking place in Finland. Each public and private healthcare unit operating in Finland must have patient insurance. Patient insurance covers healthcare and medical care for all patients receiving treatment in Finland. Patient insurance covers detriments due to treatment The Patient Insurance Centre uses the injury […]

Patient injuries abroad

Finnish patient insurance does not cover treatment provided abroad. You cannot receive compensation from Finland for a treatment injury that has been caused by treatment provided abroad. When you seek treatment abroad, find out what kind of treatment injury system the country has. Make sure, too, that you have received sufficient information about the treatment […]

Quality of treatment and patient safety

You can find out the requirements for treatment quality and patient safety from the national contact point of the country of destination. The contact points provide information on at least the following topics: Healthcare system of the country Quality and safety of healthcare services: Requirements concerning quality and patient safety and bodies responsible for these […]