Treatment costs and reimbursements

When customers coming from abroad , they are primarily responsible for the costs of health services, arranging interpretation, translating documents and covering any related costs. Customers may receive treatment for the municipal resident’s client fee if they have a municipality of residence in Finland or if they present an appropriate certificate of entitlement to treatment […]

Restricting the reception of patients

In exceptional situations, a municipality or joint municipal authority can limit the admission of persons from other EU countries for a fixed period if the availability of treatment to municipal residents at a public health care unit is compromised. The limitation of admission can only apply to an individual part of health care operations for […]

Seeking treatment in Finland independently or with a prior authorisation

If the customer has travelled from their country of residence to Finland for the purpose of using healthcare services, this is counted as seeking treatment. If the customer has received care in Finland on account of a sudden illness or accident, this is not counted as seeking treatment. Additional information for can be found on […]

Foreign patients’ treatment in Finland

Every customer is always entitled to receive the emergency treatment they need in Finnish public health care, regardless of their country of origin and reason for staying in Finland. If the customer coming from abroad has a municipality of residence in Finland, they are entitled to public health care services and non-emergency treatment in the […]