Charging of costs

EU legislation and international conventions on social security affect which country is responsible for a person’s treatment costs. In Finland, Kela determines which country covers the costs of a patient’s treatment. The treatment costs can be charged between countries retroactively. Kela manages the charging and payment of costs between countries and reimburses municipalities and joint […]

Restricting the admission to treatment of patients coming from abroad

The limitation of admission can apply to an individual part of health care operations with regard to which the limitation is justified. This means that the limitation can be applied to a specific treatment queue or the services of a particular special field. The limitation cannot cover all operations of a unit at the same […]

Treatment provided with prior authorisation

The prior authorisation must be form S2. Other prior authorisations are not accepted in Finnish public health care for the Kela reimbursement of treatment costs. Those with prior authorisation (form S2) from another EU or EEC country or Switzerland pay the same client fee for Finnish public health care as municipal residents. Prior authorisation is […]

Patients coming to Finland for treatment from other EU countries

Health care service providers must accept persons coming for treatment from another EU in the same way as Finnish residents. The admission of persons coming for treatment from other EU countries can only by restricted in exceptional situations. Those coming to Finland for treatment from another EU country are usually responsible for the treatment costs […]

How to determine a foreign patient’s right to treatment

If necessary, Kela’s Centre for International Affairs can help clarify the matter. Determine whether the patient in question has a municipality of residence in Finland. If so, the patient will receive all public health care services for the municipal resident’s client fee. The patient’s nationality, reason or residing in Finland or country of origin is […]

Obligation to treat patients coming from abroad

Public health care is obliged to provide persons coming from abroad with the following: Emergency treatment regardless of the person’s country of origin, nationality or reason for being in Finland. Persons coming from a country other than an EU or EEC country or Switzerland must usually cover the costs of the emergency treatment themselves. Medically […]

Patients coming from abroad

Persons coming from abroad for who have a municipality of residence in Finland entered in the Population Information System are always entitled to public health care services in the same way and with the same client fee as other municipal residents. The local registry offices enter information on municipalities of residence into the Population Information […]