Moving to an EU or EEA country or to Switzerland

Your right to receive treatment in EU and EEA countries, and in Switzerland after moving are affected by the following factors: Whether you are covered under health insurance in Finland after your move Whether your move is temporary or permanent Reason for your move. Under EU legislation, only one country at a time is responsible […]

Your right to treatment when moving abroad

Kela ascertains your right to treatment when . The Local Register Office also registers whether you retain your municipality of residence in Finland. When you move permanently abroad, your coverage under Finnish social security and your right as the resident of a municipality to use public healthcare services usually ends on the date of your […]

Sudden illness abroad

You will receive medically necessary treatment in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland if you fall ill suddenly or require treatment for a worsening chronic condition, or on account of pregnancy or childbirth. You will receive treatment at the same price and on the same terms as local residents when you present a […]

Frequently asked questions on cross-border healthcare

Answers to frequently asked questions about Treatment in Finland Treatment abroad Reimbursement of costs Prior authorisation Service choices in healthcare Language and medical records Follow-up treatment of a patient Patient insurance European medical prescription Charging the treatment costs of patients coming from abroad Questions concerning the Åland Islands

Hospital transfer from Finland to another country

If you are in public hospital care and you are transferred for further treatment to another country by the treatment provider’s decision, the transport costs are usually covered by the Finnish treatment provider. In the event that the transfer is made primarily of your own will, you are normally responsible for the transport costs. If […]

Travel relating to treatment purchased as an outsourced service from abroad

Travel costs are reimbursed to the place of treatment located in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland where the examinations were carried out, the treatment was provided or the rehabilitation was arranged and which is listed in the promissory note. You can apply for reimbursement for your treatment-related travel costs from Kela via […]

Reimbursement of travel costs if you suddenly become ill abroad

If you have become ill or have required treatment on account of pregnancy or childbirth in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland, your costs of travel will be reimbursed to the nearest place of treatment within the country in question. In addition to Kela, the country where you are staying may also reimburse […]

Travel relating to treatment provided abroad

You can receive reimbursement for travel costs, if they have been incurred from trips related to medical care, pregnancy care or childbirth care provided in an EU or EEA country or in Switzerland the cost of a one-way trip exceeds the deductible of EUR 25 you have paid all travel costs yourself. Kela will mainly […]

Reimbursement for treatment abroad

Receiving reimbursement usually requires that corresponding treatment would have been provided in Finland’s public health care or that it would have been subject to Kela reimbursement. The reimbursed treatment must be included in the service choices of the Finnish health care system. The Council for Choices in Health Care, established under the Ministry of Social […]

Rehabilitation costs abroad

If your need for rehabilitation is the result of a traffic accident, occupational accident or occupational disease, please contact your insurance company in order to determine the level of reimbursement. In this case, Kela is not responsible for the reimbursement of costs. Reimbursement of costs of rehabilitation abroad You can receive reimbursement from Kela retrospectively […]