Trips at the border of Norway and Sweden

Kela will reimburse your travel costs retrospectively according to a means of travel that is considered necessary. You can apply for reimbursement from Kela on form SV 128 for six months after your payment.

Return trip to another Nordic country

You are entitled to receive reimbursement from Kela if you are permanently residing in another Nordic country, you have become ill during your temporary residence in Finland and your illness requires you to use a more expensive means of transport for your return trip than was originally intended. The prerequisite is that you have been […]


Sudden illness Persons covered by Finnish social security do not require a European Health Insurance Card when travelling in the Nordic countries. It is therefore usually sufficient in Norway´s public healthcare system to show your ID or valid Kela card. You do usually have to apply for reimbursements for costs of medical care covered by […]