Language and medical records

In what language are health care services provided? Is it the patient’s responsibility to be able to handle the interactions in an unfamiliar language? Each country applying the EU Patient Directive is only obliged to provide treatment in the official languages of the country. It is a good idea for patients to find out in […]

Medical records in Finland

In Finland, a healthcare professional will update the patient documents with any information that is required in order to arrange, plan, implement and monitor the treatment. Patient documents will also be updated with each service event. The patient record updates, referrals and treatment summaries must be prepared within five days from the end of each […]

Medical records abroad

If you are seeking treatment abroad, find out from the treatment provider what medical records are required. Necessary records usually consist of a referral or a medical certificate, a medical report and laboratory and imaging results. Medical records in Finnish are seldom of any use as such abroad. Specific medical terms and codes such as […]