When can you get reimbursement from Kela

You can be reimbursed for private health care costs and care-related medicine and travel expenses in the following cases: you are covered by health insurance in Finland, or Finland is responsible for your health care costs in accordance with EU legislation you have received medically necessary treatment during a temporary stay in Finland and another […]

Treatment costs in private health care

In private health care, doctors’ fees are usually based on the average time that a doctor takes to treat a patient at their clinic and the related work performed before and after meeting with the client, such as reviewing the patient documents, writing the epicrisis and reviewing the examination results. Doctors at private health care […]

Reimbursement for medical care from Kela

The appeal can be written as a free-form document. Address the appeal to the Social Security Appeal Board (Samu). Deliver the appeal to Kela. The appeal must be submitted at the latest by the end of the 30th day since you received information on Kela’s decision. The decision is considered to have reached you on […]