Supervision of healthcare

Valvira guides and supervises healthcare professionals and the operations of medical facilities both in the public and private sector. The task of Valvira is to maintain the of healthcare professionals investigate a complaint when it is suspected that a medical error or malpractice has contributed to the death or severe injury. In any other case, […]

Finnish healthcare system

Responsibility for organising public healthcare services is borne by the municipalities and joint municipal authorities. A municipality can organise services by providing them itself or in collaboration with another municipality. A municipality can also procure services from a private company or from an organisation. Public healthcare services are funded by tax revenue and client fees […]

Quality of treatment

The concept of quality is highlighted in a number of sections of the Health Care Act. The service provided by the healthcare system must be of high quality, safe and appropriately organised. Everyone residing in Finland on a permanent basis is entitled to good healthcare and medical care, and related treatment. Good care and treatment […]