Choosing a treating healthcare professional

How can I choose the attending doctor? You can choose the legalised health care professional – usually a doctor or nurse – who treats you if this can be arranged from the perspective of the health centre’s operations. You should contact your health centre directly with regard to choosing the attending doctor.

Healthcare professionals

Licensed healthcare professionals Information on all licensed healthcare professionals is entered in JulkiTerhikki, the registered database maintained by Valvira. The register is public and open to everyone. You can check the professional qualifications of the person who treated you. The register contains information on the individual´s registration number and professional practise rights. In Finland, the […]

Treating healthcare professional

In public healthcare, patient freedom to choose the healthcare professional treating them is guided in effect by working in pairs, population responsibility and multiprofessional team work. Thus when you choose your doctor, you also choose the nurse working with him or her or the whole team treating you. Your choice may not be possible, however, […]