Seeking treatment in Finland

You need to contact the treatment providers personally in order to determine the opportunities for treatment, waiting times and treatment costs. If necessary, you can request information from the . A referral is required for specialised medical care. A referral written in another EU country can be accepted if it includes the information needed to assess […]

Patient’s rights to treatment

Everyone is entitled to emergency treatment Everyone is entitled to receive emergency treatment in Finland, regardless of their citizenship, country of origin or basis of their residence in Finland. Emergency treatment refers to treatment provided due to a sudden illness or accident. A person arriving from abroad is usually responsible for the costs of emergency […]


The Constitution of Finland guarantees the right to livelihood and care. Care refers to urgent medical care, among other things. The Constitution also contains provisions concerning non-urgent treatment. In order to implement this, the government officials, municipalities and state have been obligated to ensure that everyone has access to social and healthcare services; they also […]

Follow-up treatment for treatment provided in Finland

If you receive follow-up treatment abroad after first receiving treatment in Finland, deliver the patient documents concerning your treatment to the party responsible for your follow-up treatment. In Finland, patient documents are usually provided in Finnish or Swedish. If necessary, have them translated into other languages. Follow-up treatment may involve rehabilitation, follow-up inspections, laboratory tests […]

Pregnancy and childbirth in Finland

In Finland, pregnancies are monitored at child health clinics which are part of the basic healthcare arranged by the municipalities. Private service providers may also offer services related to pregnancy monitoring. If you have a place of domicile in Finland, you are always entitled to child health clinic services and delivery for the residents’ customer […]

Medical records in Finland

In Finland, a healthcare professional will update the patient documents with any information that is required in order to arrange, plan, implement and monitor the treatment. Patient documents will also be updated with each service event. The patient record updates, referrals and treatment summaries must be prepared within five days from the end of each […]

Language of treatment in Finland

Finnish and Swedish are the official languages in Finland and healthcare services are usually provided in these languages. However, healthcare professionals commonly speak English. Treatment is provided in Finnish or Swedish depending on whether the municipality or joint municipal authority arranging the services is monolingual or bilingual. In a bilingual municipality or joint municipal authority, […]

Private healthcare

Private service providers can sell services directly to clients as well as to municipalities and joint municipal authorities. Private operators provide both primary healthcare and specialised medical care services. When you use private health services, you pay the costs of treatment yourself. Private service providers can set the prices for their services freely. You can […]