Health centre

In order to change your health centre, you must give written notification both to your current and new health centre. You must wait at least one year before changing again. Responsibility for your care will be transferred to the new health centre within three weeks, at the latest, after your notification has been received. You […]

Choosing a place of treatment in a temporary municipality of residence

I spend extended periods of time at my holiday home in another municipality. Can I use the local health care services? In an emergency, you have the right to receive emergency medical care anywhere in Finland. If you spend extended periods in the municipality where your holiday home is located, you may also receive non-emergency […]

Choosing a health centre

When can I change the health centre to one that is more suitable for me? As a public health care client, you are free to choose your basic health care provider (health centre) from any location in the country. In order to change your health centre, you must provide written notification to both your current […]

Public healthcare

Primary healthcare services are usually provided in the municipality´s health centre. A municipality can arrange primary healthcare services also in collaboration with another municipality, or it can procure the services from a private company or an organisation. The health services that the municipality must provide are laid down separately in the relevant Act. The municipalities […]